Water Hammer repair in Adelaide

Some issues that cause water hammer in your plumbing are

  • Low quality tap washers
  • Washing machine tapware left open and the tap washers bounce inside the tapware
  • Loose water pipes that are not saddled
  • Worn out garden taps
  • High water pressure
  • Poor pipe installation

How to repair water hammer in Adelaide

  1. Call a licensed plumber.
  2. Check they are licensed and insured.
  3. Change tap washers in effected tapware.
  4. Install pressure limiting valve.
  5. Check pipe work is saddled, install appropriate pipe supports if needed.
  6. Check to see if water hammer is still present, if it is you may require a small section of the copper pipe to be removed and replaced with PEX pipe. This pipe will take the shock and usually doesn’t transfer the noise through the structure.
  7. If water hammer still is present at one fixture, a water hammer device may be installed.

Water hammer is not a simple 2 minute fix but an elimination process. We have found that these steps have helped many home owners stops that noise forever.

If you find your have water hammer and live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, get in contact with us to have your noisy pipes fixed.

Expert Residential Plumbers in South Adelaide taking a break