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What is a CCTV drain inspection?

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) drain inspection is a camera that can be inserted into your drains to inspect your pipework for blockages and signs of damage.

Using CCTV to inspect your drains can prevent expensive excavation work. This is because we can see the problem to determine the most effective solution, saving you time and money. We also use CCTV drain inspections to ensure that blockages have been properly cleared after drain cleaning. This ensures your job has been completed effectively and to the highest standard.

What if a CCTV drain Inspection identifies a blockage or damage?

If a blockage or pipe damage is found during a CCTV drain inspection, then there will likely be work required to rectify the issue. Fortunately, being able to see the issue means we can understand the problem and provide recommendations on the best solutions.

In most cases, a simple hydrojet treatment will clear the blockage and clean the pipes. Sometimes, however, if there is serious damage to your pipes then replacement may be required.

Our friendly team of licensed experts can help you investigate, identify and solve almost any problem related to your pipes. Give South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas a call today and avoid an expensive problem!

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Hydrojet drain cleaning

Hydrojet drain cleaning is an effective way to clean your pipes and blast through blockages in your drains. It provides quick results that last.

This modern method of clearing blockages and cleaning your pipework uses a high-pressure flow of water through a specially designed nozzle that can be directed through your plumbing to the specific location of the issue. There are very few blockages that cannot be cleared with a hydrojet!

This highly effective drain cleaning treatment can clear away tree roots, scale build-up, grease and other debris that can build up over time leaving your pipes clean and free-flowing.

Once the job is finished, we confirm the blockage has been cleared using CCTV, so you can be sure of an effective drain cleaning that’s guaranteed to last 3 months*!

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*3-month guarantee when the use of our hydrojet drain cleaner has been used to clear the blockage + CCTV inspection of sewer drain to determine what the blockage was. No guarantee if the inspection shows collapsed drains, drains that are flat without fall, incorrect drain installations, concrete down sewer drain and if you haven’t used the hydrojet+ CCTV inspection.