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Blocked Drains

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Do you have a blocked drain in Adelaide?

When your drains are gurgling or the water simply just isn't going away as it should, you probably have a blocked drain!

Blocked drains are a result of water flow being restricted or completely halted in your plumbing. The most common causes of blocked drains are:

For most cases, blockages can be cleared, but sometimes your drains may have collapsed or broken. In more serious cases, we may need to dig out the soil around the pipe. This enables us to cut out the broken section and replace it with new piping.

South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas are equipped with CCTV and hydrojet equipment. This enables us to quickly locate and clear almost any blocked drain.  To find out if your drains are blocked, get in touch with South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas today!

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How to tell if your drains are blocked

The most obvious symptom of a blocked drain is when your sink, basin, bath, shower or toilet drain very slowly. When the problem is particularly bad, they may fail to drain at all! This is usually a sign that your drain blockage is localised to a pipe attached to that fixture.

If you notice that draining one fixture, such as emptying your basin or flushing the toilet, results in water rising in another fixture, such as your shower or floor drains, then the issue may be further down the system and will require urgent attention.

Do you experience poor drainage or rising water for your fixtures? If so, it’s time to give South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas a call.

A bunch of roots that had cause a blocked drain

Early signs of a drain blockage that could save you money!

Like most things, when it comes to blocked drains prevention is better than cure. If you know what to look for, you can save yourself the cost, damage and inconvenience of a fully blocked or overflowing drain.

Unpleasant odours coming from your drains.

One of the earliest signs that your drains are becoming blocked is an unpleasant smell. Foul odours coming from your drains can be an indicator that unwanted debris in your system is starting to rot. Left untreated this will continue to build up and eventually lead to a drain blockage.

Have you noticed a persistent bad smell coming from your drains, sinks, basins or shower? If so, then it’s time to have them inspected by the professionals at South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas. We can come to you to perform a CCTV inspection, find the cause and clear it out before it becomes a big problem!

Smelly drains in Adelaide
Blocked kitchen sink in Adelaide now unblocked
Gurgling noises coming from your drains

These gurgling sounds coming from your drains, basins, shower or sinks when you empty them are usually caused by trapped air being displaced and bubbling back up the system. They could be an early warning sign that your drainage is starting to become blocked.

If you notice your drains are starting to gurgle, then it’s time to give South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas a call.  We can attend and complete a CCTV inspection to identify the location and cause of your problem to clear it before it becomes an expensive emergency.

Are you’re unsure about some funny sounds coming from your drains? Give us a call. We’re here to help!

What to do if you suspect your drains are blocked?

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, then it’s time to take action. Call South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas before it’s too late! Ignoring the early warning signs of a blocked drain can lead to bigger, more expensive problems and can even result in sewerage overflowing into your property.

Our team of fully qualified, fully insured experts will come to you to inspect your drains, assess the problem and provide honest recommendations in easy to understand terms. In many cases, depending on where the blockage is, you may not even be responsible for fixing it. We will help you identify the location of your issue and can liaise with SA Water on your behalf to rectify any issues that are outside of your responsibility.

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Fast response times and punctual attendance

South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas provide fast response times to all enquiries with same day services available! We understand your time is important. That’s why we arrive on time, every time!

For prompt, affordable assistance and fast emergency response times call South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas today!

Fast and long lasting blocked drain cleaning for southern Adelaide

Our team of experts is available for same-day blocked drain cleaning services to all southern suburbs of Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills including:

*3-month guarantee when our hydrojet drain cleaner has been used to clear the blockage + CCTV inspection of sewer drain to determine what the blockage was. No guarantee if the inspection shows collapsed drains, drains that are flat without fall, incorrect drain installations, concrete in sewer drain and if you haven’t used the hydrojet + CCTV inspection.