General plumbing maintenance can prolong the life of your plumbing fixtures. Whether it be servicing your taps and replacing the washers and o-rings, to changing the anode in your storage hot water services. All plumbing fixtures will eventually wear out over time and will need replacing. But if your servicing is kept up, this will prolong the fixtures from needing to be replaced. 

Here are the most common plumbing servicing that will save you money in the long run. 


Did you know that storage hot water services had a sacrificial anode that hangs inside the cylinder to protect the storage cylinder? If you replace these every 5 years, you can extend the life of the tank saving $$ in the long run. We came across a storage hot water unit in May 2019 that was installed in September 1993. The owners had serviced it and had the anode replaced every 5 years. The unit is still working without leaking after 26 years! Servicing does help.


There is nothing more annoying than a dripping tap. To fix it, this may just need to have the tap washers changed. The rubbers over time get squashed and brittle and may need to be replaced with new. You may find this doesn’t fix the tap and will need to have your taps seats repaired. Upon tap washer replacements we thoroughly check the seats to make sure there are no score marks or any damage. Where possible we will repair these by re-seating or we install new tap set inserts. 


Do you find your toilet is filling up during the night for a short time? This could be because your flush valve rubber is perished and letting water seep past it causing the water level to drop. When this happens the inlet valve will let more water back into the cistern. We can repair or replace your toilet parts. South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas will repair or replace your toilet parts at an affordable cost. 

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