If you smell gas on your property, please isolate your gas supply to your house. To isolate your gas you will need to locate your gas meter. Gas meters in Adelaide are usually located on the side of your house in a box or in the front yard with a cover over it. On the inlet side you should find a valve. Turn this to the off position. This will isolate the gas supply to your house. Once isolated please make contact with South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas on 0406 061 168 for further assistance. 

Gas company shut your gas off? Most probably at the most inconvenient times. No hot water, what will you do? 

Don't panic! Give South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas a call to isolate and repair the gas leak getting your service back on as soon as possible.

Gas leaks can be dangerous. Think you may have a leak but not sure? We can do a pressure test and see if your service is leaking or not. With this safety test we also check out your gas appliances to make sure they have been installed correctly and have adequate ventilation.