Frequently asked plumbing questions in Adelaide

Answers to frequently asked plumbing questions in Adelaide

Yes, At South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas we have plumbers that service Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs. We are based out of Lonsdale but have Plumbers in Seaford, Sheidow Park, Stirling and Valley View. We cover most areas around Adelaide. Call to see how we can help you on 0406 061 168

Water leaks can be visible and easy to find but sometimes it’s more difficult.

The best way to check if your on mains water is to not use any water, take a photo of your water meter. Then head out for the day and compare the photo to the current reading on the meter once you return.

Be sure to have the dishwasher and washing machine turned off as this will show water usage and give a false reading.

If you have a large leak you will be able to see the meter numbers moving around without having to turn the meter off.

If your property is on rainwater and has a water leak the pressure pump will be cycling on and off as it turns on to top up the pipework.

Another simple way to check if you have a leak is to contact your local maintenance plumber in Adelaide and get them to conduct a pressure test to the property. If you do have a water leak, always contact a licensed maintenance plumber to resolve the issue.

Plumbing and gas fitting can be dangerous and needs to be repaired by a licensed plumber/gas fitter. Whenever you have an issue with your plumbing system or gas system on your property it’s recommended to have the issue repaired asap to prevent further damage to your property. 

If your toilet is blocked due to too much toilet paper being flushed down you can usually clear it with the use of a plunger. If the problem persists it may be a different issue with the drainage system or the toilet itself. Your local maintenance plumber will have all the correct drain cleaning equipment to resolve your blockage issue fast.

Dirt and debris can be a contributing factor to low water pressure. The dirt and debris can enter the water system at the time of water burst repairs in the mains water pipe.

SA Water tries their best to keep dirt and debris from entering the water system but some bursts can’t be avoided.

If you have low water pressure be sure to contact your local plumber to clear the dirt and debris from your plumbing system. There are several other factors that could lead to low water pressure, Failed pressure reduction valve, corroded tapware, calcified shower head and even faulty tap washers can cause water flow issues.

Waterhammer is when the pipework makes a knocking noise, this can be caused by several issues, usually incorrect pipe support at the time of installation, high incoming water pressure, old tap washers and even the washing machine tapware. This can usually be resolved or minimised by engaging your local plumber to check these and repair.

Drains can block due to several factors, Tree root intrusion which will require a maintenance plumber to remove the roots from inside the drain.

Broken drain, this needs to be repaired or relined by a licensed plumber. Drains can also block by hair, build up of fats and oils and foreign objects that enter the drain eg toys etc.

If you find the drains are blocked the best thing to do is to try to plunge the blockage first then if no success call your local maintenance plumber to resolve the issue.

Plumbing emergencies can be dangerous and stressful. If you have a plumbing or gas emergency the first thing to do is to isolate the water or gas at the meter. Make the area affected safe and call your local plumber to come and resolve the issue. Follow this link to see how to isolate your gas meter in an emergency.

Apprenticeships for plumbing in Adelaide are usually ran at TAFE SA and takes 4 years to complete. Once completed your apprenticeship you can then work underneath a Master Plumber. Further studies are required to become a Master Plumber (certificate 4 in plumbing and gas)

If you are looking to get into an apprenticeship in plumbing, there are several ways to do so. The most common way is to go through either Master Plumbers Association  and TAPS SA. These companies will hire you if successful and place you with plumbing companies around Adelaide. You can also be hired directly though a plumbing company but this depends on each business and their needs. 

Plumbers charges vary and this depends on many factors. 

Plumbing can be either fixed price quotes or completed on charge up. 

Maintenance plumbers hourly rate is usually higher than a plumber who does construction and renovations. This is due to the amount of billable hours in the day. Eg a construction rate would be less per hour as they are working 8 hours on one job compared to a maintenance plumber who may only work 4 hours in the day due to travel and scheduling restraints. 

Drain relining is a way to repair broken and damaged pipes without having to trench and expose the pipework. It is repaired by installing a resin liner into the drain covering the broken pipe and inflated. Once the resin is cured the packer is deflated and removed from the drain leaving the cured resin liner in place. This is a great option to repair the sewer drain without digging or removing concrete. Call for more information on drain relining in Adelaide.  

Oils and grease from cooking etc should not be poured down the sink. This can cause a fats and oil blockages in the drainage system. The best way dispose of oils after cooking is to pour into a container and wipe excess with paper towel and dispose. This will prevent excess amounts of oils entering the drain and potentially blocking your drain constantly. 

Plumbing and gas fitting are licensed trades. Plumbing is highly regulated to make sure the work is completed to a high standard to improve peoples health.

Plumbing licenses in South Australia can be checked at

All plumbers at South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas hold current plumbing and gas fitting licenses.

South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas PTY LTD as a company also is licensed PGE304117. 

A toilet that constantly runs can use many litres of water each day. This ads up over the year if left unattended. Its best to call a license plumber to come and repair. It could be several different reasons or a combination of several issues that cause the leak. 

When it comes to gas and plumbing systems, it is always best to hire a professional service. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, a professional service has the knowledge and expertise to handle any gas and plumbing issues that you may be facing.

Secondly, a professional service has the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Lastly, hiring a professional service ensures that the job is done safely and according to all regulations and standards.

Yes! We Offer interest free payment options. We have partnered with Humm as we know plumbing breaks at an inconvenient time! To find out if your eligible for Humm interest free please get in contact with us on 0406 061 168