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3 month guarantee!*

Do you find your drains gurgling or the water simply just isn't going away as it should? You probably have a blocked drain. 

Blockages are usually caused by tree roots or just simply the wrong items being flushed down the toilet. Flushing sanitary items and wipes down the toilet is not allowed. These items can either block up your sewer drain or, if it gets further down, can block SA Water's sewer mains and pumping stations.

Most blockages can be cleared out but sometimes your drain may have collapsed or broken. If this is the case it needs to be repaired by excavating the soil, cutting the broken pipe out and replacing it with new. Drain Relining is also available which is a no dig repair. For more information please get in touch today.


Hydro-Jet drain cleaning is the best way to clean your sewer and stormwater drains. It utilises high pressure water which runs 5000PSI and also high water volume of 23Lpm. This water pushes through our hydrojet nosels allowing it to cut the tree roots out and allow your drain to flow again.


Our Hydro-Jet drain cleaning machine is mounted inside our work van and we have Danger safety signs that are used every time to protect the public whilst under operation.


We carry several drain cleaning machines onboard as not one machine will do every job. We use our high pressure air snake which is great for the soft paper toilet blockages.


We carry two cable drain machines one for smaller drains such as your basin blockages, shower blockages and kitchen sink blockages and the other for the main 100mm sewer blockages. These machines are great but have their limitations, for main sewer blockages we recommend using the hydro-jet drain machine instead. It’s a faster and more effective method of clearing your blockages.

For same day blocked drain cleaning in southern Adelaide, please call us today.

*3-month guarantee when the use of our hydro jet drain cleaner has been used to clear the blockage + CCTV inspection of sewer drain to determine what the blockage was. No guarantee if the inspection shows collapsed drains, drains that are flat without fall, incorrect drain installations, Concrete down sewer drain and if you haven’t used the hydro jet+ CCTV inspection.