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If you have a slow or smelly drain in your Sheidow Park home, it may be due to a blockage in your pipes. Blocked drains are actually quite common, but left unattended to they can lead to serious issues. For instance, overflowing drains and blocked toilets cause major issues for your plumbing.

Although there are DIY solutions out there, they generally only treat the symptoms of a blockage and fail to address the root cause or fully clear the blockage. South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas offer a range of drain cleaning solutions using state of the art equipment like CCTV and Hydrojet technologies. We even offer the peace of mind of a 3-month guarantee*!

If you need advice or help with the blocked drain in your home, call the plumbing experts at South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas.

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Do you have a blocked drain emergency? We know how stressful and disruptive an overflowing or blocked drain can be. Our friendly team of 5-star rated, fully qualified plumbers offer emergency services and are available for fast, reliable attendance. Don’t delay and call South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas now!

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What causes blocked drains?

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Fast same-day response and quality drain cleaning for Sheidow Park residents, backed by a 3-month guarantee!*

We will all encounter blocked drains at one point or another, but when the time comes to get them cleared who do you choose? If you have blocked drains, you need a specialist equipped with the experience and equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage and clear the obstruction quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.  South Adelaide Plumbing and Gas carry CCTV drain inspection equipment to quickly find blockages and confirm they are cleared properly after cleaning. As blocked drains specialists, we also carry high-power hydrojet drain cleaners that can cut through even the most stubborn of blockages. Should we find damaged pipes that need to be repaired or replaced, we can do that too!
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*3-month guarantee when our hydrojet drain cleaner has been used to clear the blockage + CCTV inspection of sewer drain to determine what the blockage was. No guarantee if the inspection shows collapsed drains, drains that are flat without fall, incorrect drain installations, concrete in sewer drain and if you haven’t used the hydrojet + CCTV inspection.